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Want to Build a Business Relationship? Use the Phone!

Someone asked a question today and it reminded me of something I wanted to discuss. The question was centered around funding for a small business, specifically a Capital One credit card. The answer to the question was fairly simple – contact the company directly and speak with a sales representative.

 The idea of talking to…
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What is Your Why?

The month between Thanksgiving and Christmas is my favorite time of the year. Interestingly it is one of the main drivers that forced me to finally focus and create the business and lifestyle that I desired.

Todd Snively encourages Young Entrepreneurs

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Everyone Needs a Coach

Chris Keef February, 2019 Early in my life I wrongly assumed that once you had received your training, whether that be college, post-college, trade school, athletic development or otherwise and were released to the world to work your craft that you were done learning. I mean, what’s the point of learning things if you must…
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Bet On Yourself

Chris Keef February, 2019 It’s time to bet on you I believe that now, more than ever, it is time to take stock of what, exactly, you are particularly good at and then leverage that information to the highest extent possible. Why? There are several reasons that I’ll list below.  Before I get to that…
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